My top 10 social media podcasts

Happy New Year readers!Today is New Years Day 2017 and, for my sins, I’ve got a nine hour round trip to Manchester to contend with. So, my podcast app is updated and got plenty downloaded as I’m about to hit the road. I use driving “down time” as a chance to keep my industry knowledge updated and to get my creative juices ticking over. So what do I listen to? Here’s my 10 social media or social business related podcasts (and an extra bonus one – linked to my nine hour trip!!)

The Podcasts

BrandBoost podcasts -hosted by Vincenzo Landino

Vincenzo is one of the people Ive listened to a lot in the last 18 months – the podcast used to be daily but has now dropped to weekly. Some good quality guests from the US social and marketing world. He is one half of Aftermarq, a new agency looking at video content, which he and Amy Schmittauer have just launched. She’s a regular feature of the podcasts, occasionally taking over the interviewers seat too.

Speaking of Amy… the Social Authority podcast  

Spent a lot of last year on hiatus while Amy has been writing her first book (out soon!), but the podcast has been a great listen and covering a range of social media and marketing topics. Amy is a YouTuber extraordinare and brings that across to the audio version. Plenty of value in here too!

Social Business Engine – hosted by Bernie Borges 

Bernie Borges is your host of the Social Business Engine. Firstly, he has a great voice and one I could listen to for ages and ages! Secondly, his angles are perfect for me in my current role. Not the “usual suspects” type of podcast and is guests are those really activating social across and within larger organisations. I normally have to listen to the podcasts once in the car (where I do most of my podcast listening) and then again when I can take notes. Ive followed up with many of his guests online too to get more insights from them (and frankly steal stuff!) – all of whom have been really willing to share.

Alpha Female podcast – hosted by Robyn Baldwin 

Don’t be fooled by the title. Yes, I fully realise that I’m not the intended target of these, but that’s not to say I don’t find them really good listen. I like to think Robyn is very much like me. Has full time job, trying to balance a whole load of everything. She manages it. I don’t. Her playbook is all around getting work/life harmony, health and happiness and yes, her guests are all female who operate in a variety of arenas. I absolutely love her final question of each podcast – What is your definition of happiness. Whatever crap might be going on, I never fail to answer that question myself and think of all the good stuff going on in my life. Robyn (and her OH, Mike as well as Rogue and Chaos!) is on my “really want to meet in real life” list!

Social Media Know How 

Hosted by Jurgen Sunderg of London agency, Link Humans. Now, Jurgen I have actually met in real life – indeed I’ve actually been a guest on the podcast. Being based in sunny Camden Town, this podcast has more UK focussed views which helps balance out the US slant on the others I listen to. Some great guests (did I mention I’d been on it?) and always a thought provoking look across social media, employer branding and employee advocacy.

Why I SocialChris Barrows interviews...

I stumbled across Why I Social as I was picking up my own knowledge. Always a good listen, and helps refocus my mind on why I do social – guess the clue’s in the headline. The podcast features interviewees who truly get social media – “from average joe to CEO.” But the difference here, is that we get to know them a individuals beyond their social media handle. Chris is professionally active the education space. As I have a wide audience spread across multiple sites, that perspective works nicely for me.  He’s just started a shorter – News in Social version of the podcast to – useful for keeping up to date with the ever changing world of social platforms. The end point of each podcast is the infamous “5 Favourite things” – and the questions vary. Well, apart from the ubiquitous “What’s your favourite social channel?”

Social Media Marketing PocastMike Stelzner

Another great voice comes from Michael Stelzner who is the brains behind the website, Social Media Examiner. He has such a wealth of knowledge, but it always amuses me when he asks the questions I’m thinking, even though he clearly must know the answer. “So, explain to me how you use filters in Snapchat”…  The 45min (ish) podcast also features Erik Fisher’s find of the week (usually a decent app we should try out), success stories and expert interviews from leading social media marketing pros. It usually involves a deep dive into one of the channels or wider areas (video marketing, livestreaming etc) and there’s usually actionable tips to take away.

Csuite podcasts – hosted by Russ Goldsmith

Hosted by Russ Goldsmith of Audere Communications, formerly of Marketiers4DC, this series started as a CIPR supported series, but has now branched away. Again, more UK-based it covers a host of PR angles – usually around the different sectors (sports, finance, entertainment etc as well as internal comms). Another I have featured on

Social Pros podcast hosted by Jay Baer and Adam Brown

Hosted by Jay Baer from Convince & Convert and Salesforce’  Adam Brown, this is one thats been around for quite some time now and is focussed on “real people doing real work in social media. A bit like the Social Business Engine, you get interviews from people giving inside stories and behind-the-scenes secrets about how they operate and measure their social media outputs. Not the usual suspect brands either!

FOMOFanz – hosted by Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo is a social legend who has been at the forefront of social broadcasting (Meerkat, Periscope, FB Live, Snapchat, Instagram video etc..) and social storytelling.
He bills himself as a technology evangelist, keynote speaker, and tech geek to help his clients and community embrace their FOMO with the gadgets, tools and software automation. He’s just started a new podcast – FOMOFanz – (Fear Of Missing Out). First few episodes have been a good run round what’s new and what we need to be thinking of ahead of 2017.  You may have put it on half speed!!

And finally, my bonus non-Social Media podcast:
Complete change of scenery with this one. As readers/social media followers will know, I’m a rugby referee, so like to catch this podcast when I can. It’s a little on the alongside – sometimes over 2 hours! Surely should 40 mins max?? But really knowledgeable hosts (Tim Cocker, JB and Phil) who bring a lot from across the UK rugby scene – and they don’t usually bag the match officials too much….
 So, that’s what’s on my podcast downloads. What am I missing? What do you listen to? Let me know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “My top 10 social media podcasts

  1. Tim Griffiths says:

    I know it’s ‘the wrong sort’ of Rugby for you but I’d recommend giving the SuperLeaguePod a go. Great round up of what’s going on up and down the RL pyramid, brilliant interaction with fans at every club and a few club officials (like yours truly) feeding them the odd line too.

    Elsewhere I find Marketing Over Coffee, the HBR Podcast and the west wing weekly are regulars on the ipod.


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